iClever 3 USB Port Car Charger Review

If you need to keep multiple smartphones and tablets charged on your next road trip, the iClever 3 Port Car Charger will definitely come in handy.


  • Design: This charger is very compact and discreet when plugged into the cigarette lighter port. The metallic design seems to dissipate heat well as it only got a little warm when I used it.
  • 3 High-Powered Ports: The 3 USB ports can supply up to 2.4 amps each, This means you can charge 3 tablets (iPad, Kindle, Nexus 7, etc) at the same time. If you need to keep your kids’ gadgets powered for a long road trip, this can definitely come in handy.
  • SmartID technology: The SmartID technology adapts to the charging requirements of your device. For example, it can supply 1 amp for smartphones or up to 2.4 amps for tablets. In the attached photo, you can see that the iClever was able to adapt and supply the 1.6 amps that my iPad typically needs while charging according to my USB voltmeter.


  • No user-replaceable fuse: From what I can tell, the unit’s fuse cannot be replaced if it blows.

Overall, this is a great way to keep multiple gadgets charged while you’re on the go. It can supply up to 2.4 amps to each of the 3 ports, making it a powerful yet very compact charging solution for the road.

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