iClever 6-Port USB Desktop Charger Review

If you struggle over power outlets in your household to keep your gadgets charged, the 6 ports on this iClever Desktop Charger will keep everyone happy.


  • SmartID: You can plug basically any device into any port to charge and the port will adapt accordingly. This seems to work well as I tried a bunch of different devices with the iClever charger and they all seem to charge just as fast as their OEM chargers: iPad 2, iPhone 5S, HP 7 Plus tablet, Kyocera Hydro phone, a Bluetooth speaker and my work BlackBerry.
  • 6 Ports: It’s Murphy’s Law… everyone’s electronic devices seem to die at the same time, which can lead to a fight over who gets to use the power outlet. The 6 ports help guarantee that everyone gets to charge their device.
  • Vertical design: I like that this charger sits vertically as it leaves a smaller footprint on my desk. However, it is not very heavy, so easily knocks over when you’re connecting or disconnecting a device.
  • Subtle LED: You may not think this is a big deal, but if you ever tried sleeping in a room with one bright LED on, you’ll appreciate that this charger’s light is very dim. This LED lets you know that the device is receiving power properly.
  • Long power cord: This makes it easy to place the iClever on my desk, even if it is far away from an outlet.
  • HP TouchPad charged: This seems to be the ultimate charger test, as the HP TouchPad has very odd charging requirements. I was able to charge my HP TouchPad using this charger, although it did charge slowly (at 1 amp) compared to the OEM charger.


  • Easily tipped over: As I touched on earlier, the charger is very lightweight and easily knocked over with the charging cords while it is sitting vertically. However, you can easily sit it horizontally if you find that is easier. Perhaps the iClever team will consider a weighted base in a future version of this product.

Overall, this is a very versatile charger that can handle basically any gadget I throw at it. The compact, vertical design takes up very little room on my desk, yet the unit provides a lot of power for charging multiple devices.

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