Anker SoundCore Mini 2 vs Mini 1

What’s the difference between the new Mini 2 and the Mini (1st generation)?

Mini 2
Mini (1st gen)
Water Resistant
Aux InputConnect to an audio source without Bluetooth
Micro SD CardPlay music directly from a Micro SD card
FM RadioPlay music from local FM radio stations
Pair Two Speakers TogetherFor stereo sound
Total WattsHow loud can the speaker get?
6 watts
5 watts

Which version should you choose?

  • Both speakers sound great and have similar sound qualities, but the Mini 2 features a tad more bass compared to the first generation Mini 1.
  • The main difference between these speakers is the water resistance.  If you plan to use the speaker near the pool or you plan to taking it hiking where it could rain, the Mini 2 might be the better choice for you.
  • The Mini 1 has a couple features that were removed Mini 2: Micro SD card playback and FM radio.  These two features are not robust (you cannot control the playback order of the Micro SD card, nor can you see what station you’re tuning to on the FM radio), but if they’re important to you, you may prefer the Mini 1.
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