EasyAcc 7,800mAh External Battery Review

I’m a big fan of external batteries to keep my gadgets going while I’m on the go. And what’s unique about this power bank is that it can be recharged twice as fast as many other external batteries thanks to its 2 amp input.


  • Power: The 7,800mAh is a nice balance between power and size. This has enough power to recharge my iPhone 5S fully about 3 times (it depends if I’m using the phone a lot while it’s charging).
  • Two outputs: There is a 1 amp output for smartphones, and a 2.1 amp output for tablets. In my video, you can see that this power bank provides just as much power to my iPad 2 as the original wall charger. While the EasyAcc battery did get warm while it was in use, it did not become very hot.
  • 2 amp input: This is one of the first external batteries I’ve used to feature this. The 2 amp input allows the EasyAcc power bank to recharge about twice as fast as most external batteries (that typically use a 1 amp input). A charger is not included with the unit, but you can use the charger from your tablet to charge the EasyAcc power bank in about 4-5 hours. Otherwise, a standard iPhone or Android wall charger would take about 9 hours to recharge a 7,800mAh battery.
  • Solid design: The aluminum body gives the device a strong feel and looks like it will stand up to years of use. The device is shorter than an iPhone and about 3 times as thick. Please note that this unit has some weight to it, so it may not be comfortable to carry in your pocket.
  • Charge indicator: 4 blue LEDs illuminate when you press the button to indicate how much power is remaining in the power bank.


  • Auto off?: The only issue I noticed was that when my iPhone hit 100%, the EasyAcc’s LEDs did not turn off automatically. This isn’t a big deal as (1) it would only be using a small amount of electricity to “trickle” charge my phone and (2) the blue LEDs themselves would not consumer very much power. So I would not worry about the power being “wasted” because I forgot to unplug my phone as soon as it was done charging.

I’m very happy with the EasyAcc 7,800mAh as it is a durable power bank that I don’t have to wait around forever to recharge. It is handy for long hikes or any activity that takes me away from a wall outlet for extended periods of time. And the second port makes it easy to recharge a friend’s device at the same time as yours.

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