Is technology bad for you?

The news headlines are filled with stories of viruses and ransomware ruining our computers and smartphones. We’re led to believe that Alexa is spying on us 24/7. Black Mirror reinforces the idea that technology will be the downfall of us all.

What if I told you that we don’t need to live in fear of our gadgets? In fact, I enjoy showing people how technology can help improve and organize our lives.  In that spirit, I started Technically Well to help showcase gadgets, apps and services that help us through our day-to-day lives.  Whether it’s finding the right speaker to play your favorite music or deciding on what power bank can get you through a busy day, I hope my reviews can help you embrace technology a little more each day.


Who is this guy?

Hi, I’m Ryan! I’ve worked in the IT industry for over a decade in several different areas, including managing project to developing websites.  I love checking out new gadgets, apps, and services that make our lives easier or encourage us to be a little more active.  In my spare time, I enjoy working out, running, hiking, riding bike, and snowboarding.

My Gear

Mac Mini (Late 2012)

Sure, this computer may be showing it's age, but like most Macs in my experience, it keeps on ticking. I've upgraded it with more RAM and a SSD, so it's still a snappy machine.

LG 34WL500 Monitor

I replaced my dual-screen setup for a simpler ultra-wide monitor, and I've been very happy with it.

Logitech K750

Logitech K750 Keyboard

Someday I'll upgrade to a mechanical keyboard, but in the meantime, this solar keyboard has Mac-specific buttons and I never need to worry about recharging it!

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