Is technology bad?

Technology gets a bad rap in the media. We’re often scared away by reports of viruses, spam, and security issues that cause us to run from our computers and head to the kitchen to start working on a big tinfoil hat.

Technology doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Believe it or not, it could actually be good for your health?

Ryan from Technically WellI’m Ryan, and in my younger days, I’ll admit that technology wasn’t so friendly to my health.  Watching TV, playing video games and working on computers caused me to pack on some pounds, but who knew that those very things would also help me work it off?

Even though I knew I had to eat better and be more active, the motivation to get in shape wasn’t really “there” until I began to integrate some tech into my workouts. Being able to track my exercise seemed to somehow make it much more worthwhile!

Technically Well not only features technology that helps you get fit, but also shows how technology can improve other areas of our lives by increasing productivity and helping us get organized. So instead of being afraid of technology, let’s instead see how we can make it work better for us!

About Ryan Email
I’ve worked in the IT industry for over a decade in several different areas, including managing support operations, web systems, and projects.  I love checking out new gadgets, apps, and websites that make our lives easier or encourage us to be a little more active.  In my spare time, I enjoy working out, running, hiking, riding bike, and snowboarding.

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