Anker PowerLine vs PowerLine II Comparison

What’s the difference between PowerLine version 1 and version 2?

PowerLine II
WarrantyGet a hassle-free replacement if the cable stops working
18 months
Bend TestingAnker's durability testing
MFi-certifiedApple's certification ensures compatibility with future iOS updates

Which version should you choose?

The main difference between these cables is the warranty.  For a few bucks more, you get a lifetime warranty on version 2 of the cable.  Simply contact if the cable fails and you can have a replacement cable shipped to you, normally at no cost if it was due to a fault of the cable.

Please note that the free warranty replacement does not apply if you (or someone else) damages the cable.  The warranty only covers manufacturing defects.  For example: if your dog chews on the cable, the warranty would not apply.  However, if you were careful and took care of the cable and one day it stops working, Anker will replace it for you at no cost.

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