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On May 9, 2015
Last modified:May 11, 2015


All of these lights look great and feature motion and ambient light sensors that help preserve battery life. They provide a convenient way to light up the dark areas of your home.

If you’re not a fan of running electrical lines all over your house to reach the closets, staircases, and other areas that need light, check out this assortment of OxyLED Wireless Motion Lights.  You don’t even need to flip a switch to turn them on!

The nice folks over at OxyLED sent me three different models of their wireless motion lights to test out.  The motion sensing on them all worked really well, and they all have an ambient light sensor so you’re not wasting battery power during the day.

OxyLED® T-05 Battery Powered Motion Sensor LED Night Light

  • OxyLED T-05 Stick Anywhere Bright Motion Sensor Activated LED Wall Sconce Night Light, Auto On/Off for Hallway, Pathway, Staircase, Garden, Closet, Drive Way, Bathrooms, Basement
    This light has a warm, yellow glow that makes it good for nighttime trips to the bathroom.  In fact, it’s yellow enough that I think the bugs will ignore it if you use it outside (please note that it is not made to be an outdoor light).
  • All of the LEDs are behind a diffusing panel so it gives us more of a soothing glow rather than a narrow beam of light.
  • Uses 3 AA batteries, rechargeables work fine.
  • Amazon Link

OxyLED® T-02 DIY Stick-on Anywhere Portable 10-LED Wireless Motion Sensing LED Light

  • OxyLED Motion Sensor Closet Lights,Cabinet Light,DIY Stick-on Anywhere Portable Wireless 10 LED Wardrobe/Stairs/Step Light Bar,LED Night Light,Safe Lights with Magnetic Strip(1 Pack,Battery Operated)
    This light is bright with 10 LEDs!  It can light up a closet or staircase.
  • It’s compact enough that you could also mount it in a drawer that you need to light up when you open it.
  • The LEDs give us off a cool white color.
  • Uses 4 AAA batteries, and again rechargeable work fine.
  • Amazon Link

OxyLED® Luxury Aluminum Case Wireless Stick Anywhere Bright Motion Sensor  LED Wall Sconce Light

  • Motion Sensing Closet Lights, OxyLED Wall Light, Luxury Aluminum Stick-on Anywhere Wall Lamp, Indoor Security Light for Stair/Kitchen/Bathroom/Laundry Room/Hallway/Closet (1 Pack, Battery Operated)
    This is a decorative light that would be fine for mounting in plain view.
  • The front light is diffused by the cover, giving off a glow in the front
  • There are two LEDs on the bottom that help light the floor below it.
  • Uses 4 AA batteries, and rechargeable batteries work fine.
  • Amazon Link

The only downside to these lights is the fact that they use batteries which will eventually need to be replaced (or recharged if you’re using rechargeable batteries).  However, since they’re motion activated, they only come on when needed, which helps prolong the battery life.  They also have ambient light sensors which prevents them from coming on if there is already enough light in the room.

Overall, all of these lights work well and there are many different applications for each.  All of them feature a motion sensor that automatically turns the light off after 10 seconds when no more motion is detected.  You can find these lights over at Amazon:

Sample units were provided for evaluation.

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