SOLEMEMO SE90 Rugged Splash-proof Bluetooth Speaker Review

If you’re looking for a speaker for your next outdoor gathering that doesn’t mind the occsional rain show or bump, check out SOLEMEMO’s new rugged splash-proof Bluetooth speaker.


  • Rugged design: Most of the speaker is wrapped in shock-absorbing plastic/rubber-like material which allows it to withstand bumps and drops.
  • Water resistant: This speaker worked fine for me in the shower and didn’t seem to mind the occasional splash. It is rated at IPX5, which means it’s OK for splashes but not full immersion in water.
  • Sound quality: This speaker gets loud and I was surprised by the amount of bass it puts out. In my opinion, I think it actually sounds better than the Beats Pill. The music has good range and little distortion.
  • Built-in mic: You can also take phone calls on this unit thanks to the built-in mic. Calls are loud and clear.
  • Battery life: The manufacturer states that this can get up to about 12 hours of music playback time, which is likely thanks in part to the low power Bluetooth 4.0 technology used by this speaker.
  • Aux input: If you don’t want to bother with the Bluetooth pairing process, you can simply use the included audio cable to plug this speaker into your device’s headphone jack.


  • Button presses: Since the buttons are under the protective material, they are a little more difficult to push.

Overall, I really like the rugged design and sound quality of this unit. And thanks to the splash-proof design, this speaker will be great for taking near the pool this summer.

SOLEMEMO® SE90 Rugged Splash-proof Shock-proof Bluetooth Speaker

A free sample was provided for evaluation.

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