Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable Review


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Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable Review
Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable Review
Reinforced connectors
Nylon covering
No hassle 18-month warranty

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If you’re tired of your Apple Lightning cables dying on you after a few months, check out these durable nylon cables backed by Anker’s no-hassle 18-month warranty.

Charge Connectivity

These cables seem to allow a full-speed, 2.4 amp charge.  During testing, I did not notice any resistance in the power transfer.  Some lower-quality cables can reduce charging speed due to their inability to transfer a full 2.4 amp charge.

Data Connectivity

This Lightning cable allows you to connect your iPhone to your computer for backing up and syncing with iTunes.

I did not notice any data transfer issues while using the cable and my iTunes backups completed without an issue.


The nylon covering on the cable makes it more durable than traditional cables.  The connector ends are reinforced.  I’ve had a similar Anker nylon cable in my car for over 2 years now and it is still going strong.


Anker’s 18-month is hassle-free.  I’ve only ever needed to get one cable replaced and the process was very easy.  I just needed to provide my receipt, serial number and a photo of the issue.  My replacement cable was then shipped directly to me.  The only thing that would score this higher would be a lifetime warranty, but I’ve found that if a cable is going to fail, it typically happens within the first year.

9.6 Total Score

Anker is known for their durable cables and they easily replace the cable if any issues arise. This Anker PowerLine+ Lightning cable performed flawlessly for data transfer and syncing.

Charge connectivity
Data connectivity
  • Reinforced connectors
  • Nylon covering
  • No hassle 18-month warranty
  • Connector is larger than an OEM cable and may not fit all cases (like Lifeproof)
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