Levin Water-Proof Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Levin Water-Proof Bluetooth Earbuds Review

If you’re looking for earbuds you can wear in the pool, or if you simply sweat a lot like me, watch me dunk these waterproof earbuds from Levin.


  • Waterproof: The manufacturer noted that these could be completely submerged in water. I didn’t believe it at first, so in my video I tested completely submerging the earbuds in water. They did indeed survive! So if you need music while swimming, these should hold up well. Or if you sweat buckets like me, these earbuds should hold up fine. UPDATE: I tested these again several hours later after making the video and they still work!  ANOTHER UPDATE: I’ve gone for a few runs now in the unusually hot spring sun and these are quickly becoming my favorite pair of Bluetooth earbuds.  They don’t seem to mind my buckets of sweat!
  • Sound quality: The sound quality of these earbuds is very good. They have decent good bass and rich sound.
  • Controls: I like that these earbuds have a physical on/off switch (so no holding down a button and waiting to hear if they actually turned off). The left earbud contains the controls for navigating the music, adjusting the volume, and playing/pausing the music.
  • Siri support: You can call up Siri by double-tapping the multi-function (play/pause) button on the left earbud.
  • Standard Micro USB charging: These earbuds use a standard Micro USB port to charge. The battery status also shows on the iOS status bar.
  • Design: I like ear hooks and the protective clear casing around them. This makes them very comfortable to wear and they stay in very well while running.
  • Voice prompts: A clear voice tells you when the unit is powered on and connected to your phone. It even says “goodbye” when you switch the earbuds off.
  • Built-in microphone: You can take phones calls while wearing these earbuds thanks to the built-in microphone. Siri was able to understand me well through this microphone.
  • Built-in cable tie: You can adjust the amount of slack on the cable with the built-in cable tie. You can adjust it to comfortably rest on the back of your head.


  • Size: These earbuds are a little larger and not quite as discreet as some other Bluetooth earbuds I’ve used, but that’s a compromise I’m willing to make for the secure fit and waterproof performance.

I’m very impressed with these earbuds. Most Bluetooth earbuds I’ve used tend to come loose while running, but the over-the-ear design of these earbuds keeps them securely in place. The waterproof design is also very cool as well.

Levin Water-Proof Bluetooth Earbuds

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