Music Angel Levitating Bluetooth Speaker Review

Levitating speakers have a definite “cool” factor.  This speaker from Music Angel compliments the levitation by surrounding it with blue LEDs.


  • Levitating effect: Obviously the coolest feature of this speaker is the fact that it levitates above the base station. The base station needs to be connected to AC power in order for the levitation to work. You then gently place the speaker over the center of the base. I recommend holding it lightly with your two pointer fingers and thumbs and gently lower it down until it feels like it is floating on its own. It may take a couple tries, but it is fairly easy to do.
  • LED lights: The base has a cool blue glow along the bottom and the top. The Bluetooth speaker also occasionally flashes blue while it is on. If you tap and hold the lightbulb icon on the speaker, some colorful LEDs come on near the bottom of the speaker, but they are dim compared to the lights on the base.
  • Sound quality: Bass is not very strong, but the sound quality overall is very good on this speaker. It can also get fairly loud, making it ideal for small parties.
  • Built-in mic: You can also use the speaker as a speakerphone thanks to the built-in microphone.
  • Touch controls: When the speaker is levitating, pressing buttons would normally be difficult. But on this speaker, the “buttons” are touch sensitive, so you only need to lightly tap them to play/pause your music, for example.


  • Charging: The levitating Bluetooth speaker needs to be charged via a Micro USB cable when it gets low, requiring you to remove it from its levitating position.

Overall, this is a very cool effect and definitely makes the unit a nice conversation starter or centerpiece at your next get-together. It takes a little patience to learn how to get the speaker to levitate, but once you get the hang of it, the process is easy.

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  1. Jean JayJay StCloud May 3, 2016 at 11:35 pm

    For some reason I’m able to get it to levitate but eventually after a min it gets pulled in to the side by one of the magnets. Is there something I can do to prevent this.

    • The only thing I could think of is maybe the surface it is on is not completely level? Maybe try sitting it at a different spot in your home to see if it happens there, too?

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