Anker USB-C Hub with HDMI and Power Delivery

Anker’s latest USB-C hub not only allows you to connect peripherals to your MacBook, but it also supports charging at the same time.

This hub is geared towards newer MacBooks and Chromebooks with a USB-C connection.

What’s unique about this hub is that you can plug your charger into it and it will charge your MacBook while you’re using the USB ports to access data off of your external drive. There’s even an HDMI port built-in to the hub that allows you to connect a monitor to extend your desktop, up to a 4K resolution.

When not connected to the charger, the hub can provide about 900mAh, which is usually enough to power one external hard drive. If you have a charger connected to the hub, then it can supply up to 1500mAh, so you should be able to connect both a external hard drive and a mouse or camera. But in general, two external hard drives are a no-go.

The hub also includes a soft carrying sleeve to help prevent scratches while you’re traveling.  As is common with Anker accessories, the hub has a premium look and feel to it.

Check out the Anker USB-C Hub with HDMI and Power Delivery on Amazon

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