Volutz Micro USB Cable Review

Volutz Micro USB Cable Review


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Volutz Micro USB Cable Review
Volutz Micro USB Cable Review
Data support
2 year warranty

There are many brands of cables out there, so why should you consider Volutz cables?

Charge Connectivity

This cable allows a full 2.4 amp charge. During testing, I did not notice any resistance in the power transfer. Some lower-quality cables can reduce charging speed due to their inability to transfer a full 3 amp charge.

This table was able to charge at full speed with the Volutz Micro USB cable.

I tested this cable with various devices such as Android phones, tablets, and Bluetooth speakers and they all charged properly.

This 5-pack of cables comes in a variety of sizes that Volutz has nicely categorized with colors.

Data Connectivity

Little known fact: not all Micro USB cables have data connectivity. You may have found this out if you ever tried to connect a Micro USB device to your computer using a generic cable you found in a junk drawer.

This Micro USB cable supports data transfer at USB 2.0 speeds up to 480Mb/s. Therefore, these cables can be used to back up your phone and transfer files with compatible applications.


This cable features a nylon covering and special housing (they call it “DualHousing”) at the connector to help protect against damage caused by bending. Thanks to this, the cables are able to withstand over 50,000 bends!

The special housing also makes the cables very easy to grip when plugging and unplugging them.


Volutz gives a generous 2 year warranty on their cables that even covers wear and tear. Sure, a lifetime warranty would be better, but I’ve found that if a cable is going to fail, it typically happens within the first year.

9.3 Total Score

Why choose Volutz cables? Mainly for their durability and 2 year warranty. These Micro USB cables are ideal for charging your Nintendo Switch and many Android devices.

Charge connectivity
Data connectivity
  • Data support
  • 2 year warranty
  • No lifetime warranty
Technically Well
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