iXCC USB C to USB A 6ft Cable Review


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iXCC USB C to USB A 6ft Cable Review
iXCC USB C to USB A 6ft Cable Review
56kΩ resistor for safety
Data support
2 year warranty

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USB Type-C is the future of connectivity and this durable cable from iXCC can help you get an early start on your cable stockpile.

Charge Connectivity

This cable allows a full 3 amp charge.  During testing, I did not notice any resistance in the power transfer.  Some lower-quality cables can reduce charging speed due to their inability to transfer a full 3 amp charge.  The cable also features a standard 56kΩ resistor for safety so it does not try to pull 3 amps from 2.4 amp chargers.

I tested this cable with the Nintendo Switch and it charged fine.  iXCC also notes that this cable should also support the Samsung GALAXY S8 S8+, Macbook 12 inch, ChromeBook Pixel, Nokia N1 Tablet, Nexus 5X and Pixel C.

Data Connectivity

This USB-C cable supports data transfer at USB 2.0 speeds up to 480Mb/s.


This cable does not feature a nylon covering which may decrease durability somewhat.  However, the cord does feel thicker than other cables I’ve used, but only time will tell.


iXCC gives a generous 2 year warranty on their cables that even covers wear and tear.  The only thing that would score this higher would be a lifetime warranty, but I’ve found that if a cable is going to fail, it typically happens within the first year.

9.3 Total Score

This iXCC Type-C cable supports 3 amp charging for many newer products, including the Nintendo Switch. iXCC also backs it with a 2 year warranty that even covers normal wear and tear.

Charge connectivity
Data connectivity
  • 56kΩ resistor for safety
  • Data support
  • 2 year warranty
  • No nylon covering on the cable

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