Push Fitness Tracker Takes The Emphasis Off Cardio

I love my FitBit, but one of the major issues I have with activity trackers and apps is that they place a huge emphasis on cardio such as walking and running. However, we all know that strength training is also a key element of any fitness plan. A new tracker named “Push” will help you keep tabs on your weight lifting as well.

Although it’s not the most discreet tracker, the Push arm band tracks your speed and movements to calculate how much power your exerting, and then makes recommendations on whether or not you should be lifting a heavier weight.
Push app
Push also tracks your reps and sets, and the accompanying app has an extensive workout database and can share your results with your trainer or your social networks. Even the Washington Redskins are starting to incorporate Push into the players’ workout routines.

Push had a very successful Indiegogo campaign and early backers are now starting to receive their units. Hopefully, we see this trend continue for fitness trackers so all of our activities can be tracked (and bragged about on social media).



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