Big Brother 16 House Guests Sporting FitBits

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On tonight’s live episode of Big Brother 16 (USA), host Julie Chen pointed out that the house guests are wearing fitness tracking bracelets, and that it would definitely have an impact on the game.

Julie directed viewers to the CBS website to track the house guests, where we find the familiar FitBit logo at the bottom of the page.  

Presumbley wearing the FitBit Flex, each house guest’s activity is tabulated and displayed on the website, including steps taken, active minutes for the day, and calories burned.  Clicking the “All-Time Learderboard” tab also reveals the house guests weight when entering and leaving the house.

It’s not clear how the FitBit stats will affect the game, but it’s great to see the emphasis on health and technology!

UPDATE: Host Julie Chen later revealed that the most inactive house guests would become “have-nots” for the week, which includes limited food options and frigid sleeping arrangements.

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