Microsoft Gets Into The Fitness Tracker Arena With The Band

Not to be left out of the health tech arena, Microsoft has announced the new Microsoft Band.  While it includes the standard step counter gyros we’ve seen in other fitness trackers, Microsoft has included some unique features.

The Microsoft Band features a thermal plastic elastomer (“stretchy”) body with a small 1.4-inch touchscreen display at 320×106 resolution that can display your texts, emails, calls, and other notifications.  The $200 band includes:

  • UV sensor to track sun exposure
  • Galvanic skin response sensor to measure stress
  • Built-in GPS tracker

Microsoft has also partnered with Gold’s Gym, MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper, MapMyFitness, and Jawbone.  It will work with iOS, Android, and (of course) Windows Phones.  It will go on sale tomorrow.

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