Fitbit Announces New Charge and Surge Trackers

While we already knew the Charge and Charge HR were coming, Fitbit has finally unveiled their new smartwatch: the Surge.

Here is a quick run down of Fitbit’s new lineup.

Fitbit Charge

  • $130
  • Basically the same as the recalled Fitbit Force, minus the skin rashes (hopefully)
  • Built-in display shows your stats as well as Caller ID for incoming phone calls (this was promised on the Force and is now finally available via a firmware update)
  • Automatically detects when you go to sleep
  • Seven days of battery life

Fitbit Charge HR

  • $150
  • Includes all of the features of the regular Charge, plus all day heart rate monitoring (using optic readings obtained via LEDs) for more accurate calorie burn measurements
  • Five days of battery life

Fitbit Surge

  • $250
  • Built-in GPS to track your runs (without your phone)
  • Built-in heart rate monitor like the Charge HR
  • Touchscreen display can show notifications from your phone and provide music controls
  • Seven days of battery life
  • Coming in 2015

Sadly, there is still no word when (or if) Fitbit will support Apple’s HealthKit system.

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