How to Downgrade to the Free Plan on FreedomPop

Here’s how to get the completely free plan with the FreedomPop SIM Card.

Unfortunately, FreedomPop has resorted to some shady practices and the company is in the process of being sold. Therefore, we can no longer recommend FreedomPop.

How to downgrade to the free plan:

  • Login to your FreedomPop account (your initial password is in the welcome email). If you get stuck at the shipping status screen, you’ll need to wait for your device to ship before you can proceed.
  • Click “My Account > Plans”. Look for the tiny “Details and Plan Management” link near your current plan.
  • Look for the tiny “downgrade” link near the bottom of the page. Click through the messages until you get confirmation that you have downgraded.
  • Next, go to “My Account > Services”. Click the small “View Details” link near your current services.
  • At the very bottom of the page, look for the tiny “deactivate” link. Again, click through the messages until you receive confirmation that it is disabled.

Optional: Disable Automatic Top-Up (this kicks in when you go over your data limit)

  • Click “Billing > Billing Settings”
  • Click “Edit” near Automatic Top-up. This will charge your credit card for a $5 credit that will stay on your account. You can use it for possible future overage charges.
  • The credit needs reactivated every 30 days under Billing > Overview > Credit Balance tab. You won’t lose it if you wait longer than 30 days to reactivate it.

Some other things to know:

  • Get a free 500MB bonus to your plan using “FreedomPop Friends”. You only need to add 10 friends and you’re done. The 500MB bonus will repeat each month (no need to add new friends). If you’re looking for friends, leave the email address on your FreedomPop account in the comments!
  • If you go over your data limit (700MB with friends), an “Automatic Top-up” will kick in and $15 will be charged to your card.
  • You can disable “Automatic Top-up” using the instructions above, but you’ll need to buy a $5 credit.  This credit will stay on your account.
  • If you have less than a $2 credit remaining, data usage will also be stopped 100MB before your data limit to protect against usage reporting delays.

Need a SIM Card?  Pick one up and enjoy FREE internet each month!


  1. “At the very bottom of the page, look for the tiny “deactivate” link. Again, click through the messages until you receive confirmation that it is disabled.”

    I’m using a tablet and this link is very conveniently hidden under the Ask Question box. I needed to keep resizing my page zoom until the line you get under a link was just visible under the box, then you can click.
    Nice try Freedompop. 😁

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