Read This Before Buying Tablo’s New DVR Tuners

Tablo 2-Tuner Over-The-Air (OTA) DVR | Watch & Record Live Broadcast TV Networks & a Collection of Free Live Streaming TV Channels | Whole-Home DVR with Wi-Fi | No subscriptions | 2023 Model


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Read This Before Buying Tablo’s New DVR Tuners
Read This Before Buying Tablo’s New DVR Tuners

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If you’re cutting the cord, you might be interested in Tablo’s DVRs. They allow you to pause and record live, over-the-air (antenna) television stations without a monthly fee. You can think of it as Tivo but for free, broadcast television.

Tablo’s Newest DVR Models Have a Major Limitation

However, the latest 4th generation version of Tablo’s DVRs have a huge limitation that previous versions had: you cannot export recordings from the newest Tablo DVRs. And since the app currently does not support offline viewing (ironically, this support document still mentions the now-not-compatible third-party tools), this means no loading up recordings for a flight.

That means you can’t record your favorite shows and then export the recordings to another program, like a Plex server. You must watch the recordings in the Tablo app. And while the Tablo app is available on a lot of devices, it’s not currently available on Apple TV, Samsung, Vizio, and LG televisions as of November 2023.

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