DYJ Rugged Bluetooth Speaker with 3600mAh Power Bank Review

This portable Bluetooth speaker not only has great sound, but it can also recharge your smartphone thanks to the 3600mAh built-in power bank.


  • Sound quality: The sound on this unit is very good. It gets loud and has some bass to it (but not a whole lot). This would be great for an outdoor cookout or a small gathering.
  • Rugged design: The unit has a silicon cover on it that helps absorb bumps and shocks. The unit is also water resistant, so splashes from the pool or rain drops from an unexpected rain shower are OK.
  • Built-in mic: You can answer phone calls on this unit thanks to the built-in microphone.
  • Power bank: This speaker has a 3600mAh built-in battery and a USB port on the side, so you can recharge your phone with this speaker. You can get about 2 full charges to your phone from this speaker (but this takes power away from the speaker itself).
  • Controls: The buttons are located on one end of the speaker and make it easy to adjust the volume, navigate your music library, and accept incoming phone calls.
  • Aux input: If you don’t want to mess with the Bluetooth pairing process, you can simply use the included audio cable to connect the unit to your phone’s headphone jack.


  • Distortion: Music can get distorted at high volumes, but I believe the unit gets plenty loud before reaching that point.

Overall, this is a great speaker to have on hand for an outdoor adventure or for simply rockin’ out at home. The ability to charge your phone also comes in handy in a pinch!

Check out the DYJ Rugged Bluetooth Speaker with 3600mAh Power Bank on Amazon

— Sample provided for review

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