Stream Content from Your Favorite Sites with the GearBest VOYO V2 TV Box

Streaming restrictions are enough to drive anyone crazy. You can solve these issues with a real Windows computer connected to your TV.  And GearBest’s VOYO V2 Box gives you a full Windows 10 computer in a small form factor that looks great next to your TV.

Content providers get a little (OK, they get “a lot”) crazy with streaming restrictions.  Try to visit Hulu’s website on a mobile device and you’re redirected to their paid service, even though you could stream the same show for free with Hulu on a computer.  The full Windows 10 environment found on the VOYO V2 gives you access to your favorite websites and programs, including KODI (a.k.a XBMC).

The VOYO V2 comes packed with the following features:

  • VOYO V2 TV Box Windows 2Intel Atom Z3735 Quad-Core Processor: Intel’s low-powered yet high-performing processor brings snappy performance to play your HD videos.
  • 64GB SD: You can store plenty of programs and even some video files thanks to the 64GB of (speedy) solid state storage on the device.
  • Bluetooth 4.0: Easily connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to the unit.
  • 5,000mAh Power Bank: Charge your smartphone 1-2 times thanks to the power bank built-in to this mini-computer.
  • Sleek Design: The compact, sleek design of this unit looks great next to your TV (it sure beats having a full-sized desktop computer laying on the floor of your living room).

So if you enjoy streaming videos from your favorite website (but hate restrictions that you typically find on mobile devices and dedicated streaming boxes).

Check out the VOYO V2 Windows TV Box on GearBest

This sponsored post is brought to you by my friends at Gearbest, a great online store for buying great gadgets at some of the best prices you’ll find.  

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