Car Charger Review: Arcadia 3 USB Port

Compared with other multi-port car chargers, New Trent’s Arcadia 3 USB port charger is very compact and supplies 2 amps to each port, making it suitable for tablet devices.



  • Powerful: It can charge 3 tablets devices at the same time at full speed.  It worked fine with my iPad 2, Kindle Fire, and HP Android tablet.
  • Design: The design is very compact and fairly discreet.  The metallic ring near the charging ports seem to dissipate the heat well.
  • Works with phones, too: Although this charger is made for tablets, it will also charge your smartphone (iPhone, Android phone, etc) as well.  Your smartphone will only pull the amount of power that it needs (likely 1 amp).  Basically, anything that can be charged from a USB port can be charged by this charger.
  • Heat: While it did get warm, this charger was not alarmingly hot while in use.


  • No fuse: From what I can see, this charger does not contain a user-replaceable fuse.
  • No cables included: There are no cables included with this car charger, so you’ll need to remember to bring your own charging cables.

Overall, if you’re planning a road trip with friends or family, this Arcadia charger will definitely come in handy for keeping everyone’s smartphones and tablets charged.

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