Bluetooth Speaker Review: Poweradd Magicsonic M1

I wasn’t expecting a lot from a speaker this small, but the sound quality of this Magicsonic is surprisingly good!


  • Good sound quality: OK, it’s not going to replace a Sonos speaker, but the quality isn’t bad. There was distortion at high volumes, but the speaker is good enough for having friends over for a small gathering or out on the deck. If you set it up against a wall, you can also get some bass reflex.
  • Built-in controls: You can skip forward, replay, pause and start the music using the keypad on the speaker. The “play” button is also used to answer phone calls.
  • Phone calls: You can use it as a speakerphone, and the sound quality is very good.
  • Surprise FM Tuner: I didn’t find this documented in the manual, but if you hold down the “play” button for about 2 seconds, it will announce that it is in “tuner mode”. You can then listen to local FM stations by using the forward and rewind buttons to seek out the stations. Unfortunately, there’s no way to determine what station it is actually tuned to without waiting for the radio station to announce it.
  • iPhone Battery Indicator: My iPhone displays the remaining charge of this Bluetooth speaker in the status bar.
  • Build quality: The speaker is compact and the grills on the device cover the speakers well. This should hold up well to bumps if you clip it to your backpack. The power switch and charging port are also covered which helps prevent accidental power-ons and helps keep debris out.
  • Voice announcements: The speaker will announce when it’s pairing and again once it’s connected.


  • Rattle: There is some distortion at high volumes, and I noticed that it will vibrate and actually move slightly across the table when turned up to max volume.
  • No Siri: I was not able to invoke Siri by using the buttons on the speaker (but if I activated Siri on the phone, I could use the speaker to give commands).

The pairing process was easy:

  1. Open the flap and turn on the speaker. It will announce “Bluetooth mode” followed by “pairing”.
  2. Grab your phone (or tablet or computer) and go into the Bluetooth settings. Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on and look for “M1”.
  3. Select “M1” and you should be connected! I did not need to type in a passcode, but I imagine 0000 or 1234 would work if you are prompted for one.

Overall, I like that this bluetooth speaker is able to provide a good audio “punch” despite it’s small compact size. I plan to clip it my backpack for my next hike.

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