Anker Slim Synthetic Leather Case for the iPad Air 2 Review

If you were the lucky recipient of an iPad Air 2 this past holiday, check out this case that protects both the front and the back of the iPad.


  • Full body protection: The synthetic leather cover is attached to a clear back cover.  This protects your entire iPad Air 2 with minimal bulk.
  • Auto Sleep and Wake: Like the official Apple Smart Cover, this cover contains magnets to automatically turn on the screen when you open the case and to automatically sleep (and lock) your iPad when closed.  The magnets are also strong enough to keep the cover closed when tilted face down.
  • Stand up: The synthetic leather cable can be folder to stand the iPad up, which is handy for FaceTime calls.  Or you can sit it down in a raised position, which makes it comfortable to typing on the iPad in landscape mode.
  • All the necessary cutouts: With the case on, you can still access the sleep/wake button, volume keys, side microphone, headphone jack, charging port, and camera.


  • Non-removable cover: This is a matter of personal preference, but there are times (like when playing games) where I like to remove the Smart Cover altogether instead of folding it up behind the iPad.  This case is attached to the back cover, so it cannot be removed like the official Apple Smart Cover that uses a magnetic hinge.

I really like the full body protection that this Anker case offers.  I often wonder what the point of the Apple Smart Cover case is if it only protects the screen while still allowing the back to get scratched up.  This Anker case solves that problem!

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