Anker 10-Port USB Charging Hub Review


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Anker 10-Port USB Charging Hub Review
Anker 10-Port USB Charging Hub Review

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Anker’s 5-port charger has been a winner, so things can only get better by doubling it, right? Right! Anker’s 10-port charger does not disappoint.


  • 10 ports: The number of gadgets in my home seems to increase all the time. With 10 ports, I may never need to hunt for another charging adapter again. Being able to charge 10 devices at the same time from one AC outlet is very convenient!
  • Power IQ: Each port has a smart identification chip so that you basically plug any device into any port and it will adapt to its unique charging requirements. So I can plug my iPad into any of the ports and get a fast charge without needing to worry if I’m using the correct port or not.
  • No vampire electricity: With nothing attached to the unit, I plugged it into my Kill-A-Watt meter and it showed no electricity was being drawn from the Anker unit. I’m sure the little blue LED is using some power, but it must be less than 0.1 watts (and will likely only add a penny or two to the electric bill).
  • Design: I’m surprised how compact the unit is. It looks very sleek and would not be an eyesore sitting on the counter or an end table.
  • Safety: You may be thinking that charging 10 devices at one time is sure to be a fire hazard, but Anker builds in multiple safety features in their products. In the past, I overloaded one of their 5 port chargers and it correctly shut off and needed to be unplugged in order to reset.


  • 12 amp limit: I hesitate marking this as a “con” since it won’t be an issue in most households. This will probably only affect you if you have 10 iPads that need to be charged at the same exact time at full speed. If all ports are in use, then the 12 amps would be split among the 10 ports, delivering about 1.2 amps per port. An iPad can still charge with 1.2 amps, it will just charge at a slower rate. But with 12 amps, you would still be able to fast charge about 6 tablets at once at full speed.

Overall, this is a sleek and compact charger that allows you to charge a household full of devices at one time with just one outlet. Anker also backs their products with an 18-month warranty if you run into any issues.

Anker PowerPort 10 (60W 10-Port USB Charging Hub)

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Anker is known for their high quality products, and the 10-Port Charger adds even more capacity to last year's highly rated 5-port charger. Power IQ technology allows you to plug basically any device in any of the ports to get the fastest charge.

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