Gearbest Review: Solar Energy 12000mAh 2-Port USB Mobile Power Bank with Flashlight

Gearbest Review: Solar Energy 12000mAh 2-Port USB Mobile Power Bank with Flashlight

Now that summer is officially upon us, you’re likely spending more time outdoors and don’t want to be stuck indoors waiting for your phone to charge.  Don’t let a dead phone battery keep you from enjoying the great weather.  Gearbest’s 12,000mAh Solar Power Bank can stay charged outside using the power of the sun.


  • Design: This Gearbest solar charger has a rubberized exterior that helps absorb shocks from bumps and drops.  It looks like it will hold up to some abuse hanging from my backpack.
  • Gearbest Solar Charger 12000mAh12,000mAh of power: This unit packs a lot of power.  It should recharge an iPhone and many smartphones between 4 and 6 times.
  • Two USB ports: This allows you to charge two devices at the same time. Each port can output 1 amp of power which works well for smartphones.  Most tablets can charge with 1 amp of power, but it will charge at a slower rate compared to its original charger.  The ports also have rubber covers to help protect them from moisture and dust.
  • Built-in handle and included clip: Gearbest has a built-in handle and they include a clip that allows you to hang the unit from your backpack.
  • Built-in light: Gearbest has also built-in an LED light, which is handy for finding your way while camping or during a power outage. You can turn it on by double-tapping the power button.


  • Gearbest Solar ChargerSolar charging: While the power bank’s capacity is large, the solar panel itself is relatively small. I left it sit out in the sunshine for a full day and it only gained about a 25% charge to the unit (judging by the number of LEDs on the built-in guage). So it would be best to fully charge this unit using a USB charger first, then use the solar panel to keep it “topped off” throughout the day. It would take several days (maybe a week?) of bright sunshine to recharge this unit from 0% if you relied on solar charging alone.

Other thoughts

  • Don’t leave this out in your car to charge! Your car’s dashboard will become very hot from the sun and could basically “cook” this unit, ruining the internal battery.

Overall, this is a very well designed unit.  With it’s rugged, water resistant design, it’s a great outdoor companion for wherever your travels may take you.

Check out the Gearbest Solar Energy 12000mAh 2-Port USB Mobile Power Bank with Flashlight on Gearbest’s website.

This review sample was provided by Gearbest, a fast growing online retailer offering high quality gear at great prices. If you love gadgets like I do, check out the wide assortment of products on their site.  Although it may take awhile to get your gear, you can’t beat their prices!


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