Prepare For Your Fall Road Trips with 1ByOne

Prepare For Your Fall Road Trips with 1ByOne

Autumn officially begins today, and who doesn’t like taking a road trip to check out the fall foliage?  1ByOne offers some great tech to help fuel your road trip and keep your gadgets charged, so you don’t miss an opportunity to Instagram those fall colors.

Mount Your Phone

Magnetic Phone Mount by 1ByOneFirst up, you’ll need to conveniently mount your phone so that Apple Maps, Google Maps, or Waze can navigate you to your fall foliage destination.  This phone mount from 1ByOne features a strong magnet that you can easily slip in your phone’s case.  This makes your phone easy to unmount whenever you need to pull over to grab a quick snapshot.  Then you can simply place your phone back on the vent mount and the magnet will hold it in place while you navigate to your next destination.

Keep Your Phone Charged

1ByOne Dual Port Car ChargerOf course, running a navigation app and your GPS chip will drain your phone in no time.  Keep it charged and ready to go with the 1ByOne dual port car charger.  It features two high-powered charging ports so you can keep both your phone and your passenger’s phone at 100%.  It can also charge an iPad at full speed in case there are little ones in the backseat that need their movies and games.

Be Ready for a Dead Car Battery

1ByOne Car Jump StarterAfter a long day of hiking and checking out the changing leaves, you come back to your car only to find that the door didn’t shut the whole way.  You put the key in the ignition and sadly discover that your car’s battery has met its death by dome light.  Don’t let this situation put a damper on an otherwise awesome day.  You can simply grab the 1ByOne Portable Car Jump Starter out of the trunk, connect it to your car’s battery, and be back on the road in no time. As an added bonus, this unit also serves as a portable power bank that can charge your phone while you’re checking out the autumn colors.

Hit The Road With 1ByOne

Before you embark your weekend journey to check out the leaves, prepare your car with these great gadgets from 1ByOne.  You’ll be able to navigate, keep your phone charged, and jump start your car if needed without breaking a sweat.  And you won’t miss a minute of the great fall weather and colors.

This sponsored post is brought to you by my friends at 1ByOne, an online retailer that strives to help people realize the power of technology to make our lives easier and more fulfilling.

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