NeuTab Air 7 Quad-Core Tablet Review

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NeuTab’s Air7 may not have an ultra-thin design, but it does have a snappy processor and vivid IPS display incorporated into a solid design.


  • Quad-core processor: Whether your checking Facebook or playing games, a responsive interface is important. No one likes delays or “stuttering” when trying to scroll a web page or start an app. The NeuTab Air7 comes with a quad-core processor. It may not be top-of-the-line, but I found general web surfacing and app loading to be very good, with only occasional hesitations. Some games do run choppier than they would on other tablets, but the Subway Surfers game showed in my video performed very well. The Geekbench multi-core score came in at 816.
  • Build quality: Despite the name, the NeuTab Air7 doesn’t have the ultra-thin profile of the iPad Air, but it does have a solid construction and the back is mostly a brushed aluminum finish. It feels very durable and the brushed aluminum gives the tablet a professional look.
  • Android 5.0: I was happy to see that this tablet came with Android 5.0 out of the box. Google’s latest operating system features a new user interface, multiple user support (and a “guest mode” to prevent those who borrow your tablet from snooping through your apps), and battery life optimizations.
  • 8GB of storage: This refers to how many apps, photos, videos, and music files you can store directly on the tablet. However, only about 4.1GB is usable. If that’s not enough space, you can expand the storage with inexpensive Micro SD cards, like the ones you would use in your phone and some digital cameras. The slot is located on the back of the unit underneath the plastic portion.
  • IPS display: It’s not very often that you find an IPS display in a budget tablet, but NeuTab includes it with the Air7 and it looks great. IPS means that you can look at the display at an angle and it does not appear to be washed out or “reflective”. This tablet has a colorful display and an appropriate 1024×600 resolution for web browsing and many games. It doesn’t have a Retina resolution, but it is widescreen and works fine for watching Netflix or Crackle.
  • Built-in GPS chip: You can load this tablet with an offline GPS navigation app and use it without data connectivity. The built-in GPS chip allows it to function like a dedicated GPS using satellites (instead of relying on WiFi triangulation).
  • Bluetooth: This tablet also has Bluetooth so you can use it with Bluetooth keyboards and Bluetooth speakers. Sometimes Bluetooth is omitted on lower-end tablets, so I’m happy to find it on this tablet.
  • Two cameras: I couldn’t locate the specs of the cameras, but there is a camera on both the front and the back. Low light performance is not great, but the front facing camera is fine for a Skype video call. I wouldn’t depend on taking stellar photos with the back camera, but it’s nice to have the option to grab a quick snapshot.


  • Speakers: The sound from the speakers isn’t the best, and sounds quite “tinny”. But thanks to the Bluetooth support, you can pair it with a good Bluetooth speaker if you want to listen to Pandora, Google Music, etc. Or you can plug in your own pair of headphones using the headphone jack.
  • Cameras: While I like that there are cameras included on this tablet, they are low resolution and the picture quality is poor in low light. However, its better than having no camera for quick Skype calls.

Overall, I’m impressed by the performance and build quality of this unit given its “budget” tablet price tag. While it’s not as powerful as some other (more expensive) tablets, it is great for checking Facebook and playing games

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NOTE: You may notice a Chinese app titled “Weibo” installed. Do not worry, it is not malware. It is a popular social network in China. This app is not built-in to the ROM and can easily be uninstalled like any other Android app.

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