KAYO MAXTAR 13000mAh Power Bank Review

If your next hiking or camping trip will have you away from a wall outlet for a couple days, the Kayo Maxtar 13,000mAh packs plenty of power to keep your phone charged.


  • Digital display: It’s easy to see how much charge is remaining in this power bank. Simply tap the power button and a two digit LED display comes on showing you the remaining percentage. When you need to recharge the power bank, the display allows you to easily see the progress (just note the 99% means that it is full, as it cannot display 100%).
  • Two ports: You can charge your phone and a friend’s phone at the same time with this power bank. There are two USB ports. One supplies 1 amp which is fine for iPhones and Android phones. There is also a 2 amp port which is great for charging tablets like the iPad (it can also charge phones as well). I tested this out with a USB power meter in my video and the port was indeed capable of providing the higher amperage charge. Just remember that you will need to bring your own iPhone cable as this battery does not come with one.
  • 13,000mAh of power: This power bank packs a lot of power and can recharge an iPhone about 5 times. This is convenient for days (or weekends) when you will be away from a wall outlet as you can charge your phone basically anywhere.
  • Design: I have the black and silver power bank and it looks very sleek and professional. The LED display is hidden until activated.


  • Size: Since this power bank packs a lot of power, it is somewhat large. It won’t fit in my pocket, but it’s easy to stow away in my laptop bag or hiking backpack.

Overall, I really like the sleek design of this power bank. The built-in LED display also allows me to easily see how much power is remaining, and the two USB ports come in handy for charging two devices at the same time.

Product sample provided by manufacturer for evaluation.

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