BESTEK Reversible 4 USB Port Charger Review

Sick of flipping your USB plugs every time you try to charge your phone or tablet?  BESTEK tackles that annoyance with their 4 USB port charger.


  • Reversible Ports: Does anyone ever plug in a USB cord correctly the first time? If you’re sick of flipping over USB plugs as often as I do, you’ll appreciate the reversible ports on this BESTEK charger. The unique ports allow you to plug in the USB cable either way, so you always get it right the first time.
  • Smart ports: The ports can also adapt between a smartphone only needing 1 amp to a tablet requiring 2 amps. You can basically plug any device into any of the ports and it will charge at full speed. I tested out the ports with a USB power meter in my video and you can see it provides a full 2 amp charge to my iPad.
  • Blue LED: I really like how the indicator light not only tells you that this unit is working, but it also casts a cool, blue glow around each of the ports.
  • Lots of space: The ports are also nicely spaced apart. This is handy if you need to charge a power bank with a built-in USB connector.
  • No power brick: The power cord has two prongs and will fit nicely on a power strip or wall outlet without blocking other outlets.


  • Size: This charger is a little larger than some other multi-port USB chargers, but I think the advantage of the reversible USB ports greatly outweighs the small inconvenience of the extra size.

Overall, I really like the reversible ports since they allow me to plug in my USB cables on the first try. I hope to see these types of ports on more devices soon!

BESTEK Reversible 4 USB Port Charger 

– Sample unit provided for review

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