GOOLOO Quank 4500mAh Quick Charging External Battery Review

When your power is out, you need to recharge your devices and you need recharge them fast.  Using your car, you can recharge this power bank to 80% in as little as 8 minutes.


  • Fast recharge: Probably the biggest advantage of this power bank is that the included car charger can recharge the power bank to 80% in as little as 8 minutes. Say there is a storm and your power is knocked out. You can run your car for a short amount of time (with the garage door open!) in order to recharge this power bank, which can then be used to recharge your phone about 2 times. Otherwise, you would have to run your car for an hour or more to directly charge your phone.
  • 4500mAh: This power bank has enough capacity to recharge an iPhone and many other smartphones about 2 times. It could also provide about a 40-50% charge to the iPad.
  • Aluminum body: I like the solid design of this unit. It has some weight and feels very durable. The brushed aluminum finish gives it a professional appearance.
  • 5 LED indicators: This power bank uses 5 blue LED lights to indicate the current charge level, making it easy to see when it is time to recharge the power bank.
  • 2 amp output: This can fast charge most tablets, but note that the 4500mAh capacity will only delivery a partial charge to most tablets.
  • 2 amp Micro USB input: If you have a 2 amp charger handy (such as your iPad or tablet’s charging brick), this power bank can accept the higher 2 amp power input and recharge in about 2 hours (otherwise, it would take about 4 hours to recharge with a phone’s 1 amp charging brick).


  • Size: This unit is larger than many other 4500mAh power banks, which is likely due to the additional circuitry for the fast charging capability. However, it is still very portable, but it may fit better in a backpack rather than your pocket.
  • No wall charger: While a car charger is included, there is no AC wall charger included with this unit. You could use your phone or iPad’s power brick, or even recharge it with a computer USB port.

Overall, this is a great power bank to have on hand for emergencies as it can quickly be recharged up to 80% by your car in about 8 minutes. The portable design also allows you to charge your phone just about anywhere.

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— Sample provided for review

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