Brilliant! Amazon Begins Automatically Including Flex Gift Cards With Your Order

I unexpectedly received an Amazon order today (on a Sunday, no less) and tucked inside the box was a gift card! Unfortunately, it wasn’t the free money I initially hoped for, but it was something interesting: a blank gift card I could keep on-hand for unplanned gift giving.

It seems to happen every year: someone unexpectedly gives you a gift and you don’t have a present in return.  Or it’s Christmas Eve and you suddenly remember that you completely forgot someone on your list.

While email gift cards can work in a pinch (assuming the person checks their email Christmas Day), physical gift cards seem to work out best for holiday giving.  These gift cards peel off of a sheet that reveals a unique serial number on the back.  You can head to Amazon’s website and use the serial number to load up some cash on the card.  It’s then ready for giving.

It’s great that Amazon is including these blank “flex gift cards” so I have some in my holiday arsenal for last-minute presents.   Thanks for helping keep us sane during the holidays, Amazon!

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