Apple Announces iPhone 6, 6 Plus, Apple Watch, and Apple Pay

As expected, it was quite a busy day for Apple.  Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know.

Apple iPhone 6

  • There will be two new sizes:
    • iPhone 6 which is 4.7 inches
    • iPhone 6 Plus which is 5.5 inches
  • Both will be thinner than the iPhone 5S
    • iPhone 6 will be 6.9mm thin
    • iPhone 6 Plus will be 7.1mm thin
  • Both will feature more powerful A8 chips and M8 motion coprocessor (which includes more motion tracking capabilities, such as altitude)
  • Both will feature an improved, faster-focusing camera (and the iPhone 6 Plus will have optical image stabilization)

Apple Pay

  • Securely store your credit cards in Passbook on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
  • Both phones include an NFC chip allowing you to use them at existing contactless payment terminals when combined with your Touch ID
  • Your actual credit card number is neither stored on the phone or transmitted to the merchant, so there’s no need to worry about canceling your cards if you lose your phone or if the merchant has a breach (like Home Depot’s recent incident)

Apple Watch

  • A stylish smart watch that pairs with your iPhone 5 or later
  • Allows you to make and receive calls, use Siri, read texts and emails, get directions, and much more
  • Includes a heart rate monitor and multiple sensors to record your workouts and activity throughout the day
  • Read more about it in our full article.

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