Keep your iPhone Safe this Summer with Anstop

When the warm summer-time temperatures hit, you’re likely outside being active.  Unfortunately, summer activities aren’t always gentle on your iPhone.  Anstop has some great protection options to keep your iPhone safe and sound this summer.

All-Around Protection for iPhone

iPhone 7 Dual-Layer Case

Available for $6.99 from Anstop

First up, you can secure your iPhone with all-around protection with Anstop’s durable iPhone 7 dual-layer case with tempered glass screen protector.  This case not only provides protection for the back of your phone, but it also protects the front with both a case for the border of your screen, as well as a strong tempered glass to keep your iPhone’s screen crack-free.  Tempered glass will typically sacrifice itself upon impact, keeping your iPhone’s original screen safe and sound.

The case is available in 4 different colors so you can match your style.  It features precise cutouts for the iPhone’s camera, controls and speaker and is only 1mm thick, complementing the original design of your phone.


  • Back and front coverage
  • Tempered glass screen protector included

Carry Your Phone Without Pockets

Available for $5.99 from Anstop

Next up, your bathing suit may not have pockets, so how are you supposed to carry your phone?  I mean, you need to post your vacation pictures to Facebook and Instagram immediately so all of your friends can see what they’re missing out on!  This unique lanyard from Anstop allows you to easily carry your phone around your neck so that it’s always within arms reach.

The stretchy silicone can fit smartphones of all sizes, from the regular iPhone 7 to the iPhone 7 Plus, as well as the Samsung Galaxy 8.  The design still gives you access to your touchscreen, and it also does not block your camera or charging port.  The open air design allows your phone to breath to help prevent overheating.

While this is handy for the beach, it can also be useful for other situations, such as amusements parks and sporting events.  Therefore, you don’t need to leave your phone behind in the car or with a friend (who hopefully won’t take a peek at your text messages).


  • An easy way to carry your phone when you don’t have pockets
  • Doesn’t block the touchscreen, camera or charging port

Additional Tips for Keeping your Phone Safe in the Summer

  • Keep it out of the water: You can use a clear, sealed baggie to keep your phone safe while you’re near the ocean or the pool.
  • Keep sand out: Again, a clear plastic baggie can help prevent sand from clumping up in your phone’s charging ports and speakers.
  • Avoid overheating: Don’t leave the phone out in your car on a hot day and don’t leave it laying in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.  Heat can degrade your phone’s battery.

This sponsored post is brought to you by my friends at Anstop, an online mobile phone accessories store that guarantees your satisfaction.

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