Hame 4400mAh External Battery Review

If you’re looking for a compact, portable charging solution while you’re out and about, the Hame External Battery can keep you and your phone happy.


  • 4,400mAh of power: This is enough to charge most smartphones, like my iPhone 5S, about 2 times. It can also give a partial charge to an iPad.
  • Compact size: This power bank is easy to bring along with you thanks to its compact design.
  • 4 LED battery level indicator: You can check how much charge is left in the unit by pressing the power button. Up to 4 LEDs will come on to show you an estimate of the current charge level.
  • Micro USB input: The unit itself can be recharged with a standard Micro USB cable.


  • 1 amp output: The charging port has a maximum of 1 amp output, which is fine for most smartphones. While it will charge tablet devices slower than a 2 amp output would, 4400mAh would only give a partial charge to most tablets anyways.

Overall, this is a convenient way to recharge your phone basically anywhere. Its great for recharging your phone while you’re out and about.

Check out the Hame 4400mAh External Battery on Amazon

— Sample provided for review


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