Apple Announces Health App

Apple today announced a new “Health” app at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference.  The new app provides iPhone users with an easy-to-read dashboard of health and fitness data.

The new tool includes a “HealthKit” for developers, which allows all those great health and fitness apps in the App Store to work together. Things like heart rate, calories burned, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels can be kept together in one app that makes the information easily accessible.  Users will also be able to create an emergency card with important health details — like blood type, current medication and allergies — that is available from the Lock screen.

Secure sharing options will also be available, such as being able to send certain vitals to a health care provider or allowing a nutrition app to communicate calorie numbers to a fitness app.

No iWatch was announced at today’s event, but Apple’s interest in tracking health information does open the door for a new type of activity tracker.



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