Opt Out from AT&T Tracking Your Phone Activity

AT&T is now doing a lot of tracking of your cell phone activities, such as the sites you visit and the apps you use. While you probably don’t really care if AT&T knows that you’re a hardcore RunKeeper user, here’s what you need to do to opt-out.

AT&T has made it easy to opt-out. Just visit this site: https://www.att.com/cmpchoice

If you’re interested, AT&T has updated their privacy policy with details about what they’re now collecting:

  • Account Information includes your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, service related details such as payment data, passwords, security codes, service history, and other information like that;
  • Network Performance & Usage Information tells us how you use our network, our products, and our services, and how well our equipment and network is performing;
  • Web Browsing & Wireless Application Information tells us about the websites you visit and the mobile applications you use on our network;
  • Location Information tells us where your wireless device is located, as well as your ZIP-code and street address;
  • U-verse Information tells us about which programs you watch and record, the games you play, the applications you use and similar information about how you use our U-verse services and applications.

Again, just head to AT&T’s website to opt-out now.


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