Sony SRS-XB100 Speaker Review

Nov 6, 2023 By: Ryan

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Sony SRS-XB100 Speaker
Sony SRS-XB100 Speaker


The Sony SRS-XB100 speaker is a small yet surprisingly mighty Bluetooth speaker that can easily accompany you on hikes, trips, or simply lounging by the pool. It has a cylindrical shape that measures just under 4 inches in height and about 3 inches in diameter. It weighs less than a pound and comes in black, blue, and orange color options. A detachable carrying hand strap is included (something I really appreciate it!).


Speakers at this size typically lack decent bass, but that’s not the case with the SRS-XB100. Setting it on a table or up against a wall enhances the bass response nicely. If you have it hanging from your backpack or a chair, for example, the bass response is less noticeable, but still much better than many of the speakers I’ve used at this size. While playing P!nk’s “Just Like a Pill”, I could feel the small vibrations from the speaker’s bass through my desk while working. It has maybe just a tad less bass than my JBL Clip 4 speaker, but depending on the song, you may not notice. Mid’s and highs also come through clear and the sounds does not sound “muddy” or “tinny” at all.

Given the size, the speaker does not get very loud, but it is fine for a small or medium-sized room, or for a small gathering in the backyard or even for tailgating with some friends. However, if you do need to spread the sound across a larger area, the speaker can be paired with another SRS-XB100 speaker (and only the same model) for stereo sound.


  • Carrying strap: I love when a speaker has a built-in carrying strap as it makes it easy to carry around the house while doing chores or to hang it from a tree branch when working outside.

  • Bass: Sony states this speaker features an improved driver and sound diffusion processor for richer bass and expansive sound. Again, this speaker is best for smaller spaces, but the bass is very good and sound is definitely not muddy nor tinny as you might find with cheaper portable speakers.

  • Speakerphone: The speaker has a built-in mic and can be used as a speakerphone or for conference calls. It features echo cancelling technology and allows two people to talk at the same time.

  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof: The speaker can be your outdoor buddy with both waterproof and dustproof properties. You can use it poolside or even at the beach, although the manual states not to place the speaker directly on sand (I’m guessing because sand is a pain to get out of the grills of any speaker).

  • UV coating: I don’t know if I’ve seen this on a Bluetooth speaker before, but you can let this speaker bask in the sun worry-free thanks to the UV coating, which should help improve the longevity of the exterior in the sun.

Battery Life

The speaker can last up to 16 hours on a single charge (playing at a relatively low volume) and it takes about 4.5 hours to recharge with a USB-C charging cable.

Our Verdict

Very Good

The Sony SRS-XB100 is a compact yet great-sounding speaker ideal for travel and outdoor adventures. Sound quality and bass are very good, and the handy carrying strap makes it easy to tether from a backpack or tree branch.

Sony SRS-XB100 Speaker
Sony SRS-XB100 Speaker


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