Anker PowerCore Magnetic (MagSafe-style) Wireless 5,000mAh Power Bank

Apr 4, 2021 By: Ryan

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Anker’s PowerCore Magnetic Wireless 5,000mAh power bank is about the size of a deck of cards with a black matte exterior. Although this Anker MagSafe battery pack makes your iPhone 12 feel much heavier when it’s attached, the power bank itself only weighs 4.6 ounces and is easy to carry.

The Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5K Wireless power bank attached to an iPhone 12 Pro Max with silicone case

Given the size and weight, this Anker MagSafe battery is meant to be more of a “temporary” attachment. You could attach it to your phone for an all-day event if you wanted to, but it’s easier to carry in your pocket or backpack and only attach it when needed.

The Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5K Wireless power bank attached to an iPhone 12 Pro Max with silicone case

On the bottom of the power bank, you will find the power button and 5 LED lights. Four of the LED lights are white and indicate the remaining charge of the battery. The fifth LED lights up blue to indicate when the Qi wireless charging feature is active. There is also a USB-C port that can be used to both charge the power bank or charge another device.


  • MagSafe attraction: The Anker MagSafe battery pack has a strong enough magnet to attach securely to the back of your compatible iPhone (the iPhone 12 series at the time of this review). This makes it very convenient for travel as you don’t need to attach a cable between the power bank and your phone. It will work best with a case that also has the MagSafe magnets, but might be OK if you use a thin enough case with your iPhone.
  • Wireless or wired charging: You can charge most Qi-compatible devices by setting them in the center of the circle, or use a USB-C charging cable to charge items that cannot be charge wirelessly.

Performance of the Anker MagSafe Battery Pack

While many might refer to this as a “MagSafe” power bank, it does not provide the full 15 watt charge that “official” MagSafe accessories provides. This power bank will provide a 5 watt charge via Qi wireless charging. If you are using the USB-C port to charge another device, it can output up to 10 watts (5V⎓2A).

The Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5K Wireless power bank attached to an iPhone 12 Pro Max with silicone case

Since wireless Qi charger is not as efficient as wired charging, the 5,000mAh capacity won’t provide as much of a charge via Qi charging as compared to a wired 5,000mAh power bank. It will provide about 3/4th a charge to the iPhone 12 Pro Max or about 1 full charge to the regular-sized iPhone 12 Pro.

Using the official MagSafe silicone case with my iPhone 12 Pro Max, the Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5K power bank stays put very securely (I can even pick up my phone by the power bank).

The Anker MagSafe battery pack can be recharged with a regular USB wall charger or slightly faster with a Power Delivery wall charger such as the Anker PowerPort Atom PD 1.

Our Verdict


The Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5K Wireless power bank is a very convenient way to charge your MagSafe-compatible iPhone when you're on the go, but charging speeds are considerably slower as compared to Apple's official MagSafe charger. The power bank also has a USB-C port for charging devices that do not have wireless charging capabilities.


  • Compact size
  • MagSafe-compatible attachment


  • Slow wirelessly charging


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