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The Shenzhen-based XIDU company launched its brand-new product—XIDU Tour Pro. A most astounding aspect concerning the XIDU Tour Pro is that it has been introduced with the absolute coolest feature which gives users a noteworthy experience. And to thank those loyal fans who have always been supportive, the company decided to throw its largest sale in history! For five days starting from 00:00am on Sep 26, 2019, the customers can get a XIDU Tour Pro at a crazy price of $ 389.99 and please pay attention that there are two coupons for two times period, please note the expire time. Then the price will go back to $449.99. New fans can also seize this golden opportunity and experience the high quality and excellent performance of XIDU products. Once you hold this XIDU Tour Pro in hands, you will be sure to become one of XIDU’s passionate fans because this notebook is nearly flawless.

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Portable and Stylish Design

The XIDU Tour Pro has a snappy metal covering with an aura of strength and toughness. With a thickness of 16.6mm and 2.2 lb. weight, this new laptop turns out as the ideal travel, work, or school buddy. Its ergonomic backlit keyboard upgrades its ease of use since clients can undoubtedly type even in dark. The classic, thin and exquisite look would simply make you want to use it, anyplace and all over the place. With such features, this laptop turns out as the insignia of style, elegance, and convenience.

Versatile Screen

XIDU brand likewise appears to have put a great deal in the visual display. The display unit has a special 12.5″ full-touchscreen that is multi-touch supported. This implies users can boundless interaction with the screen. With a 4.9mm ultra-narrow border, the Tour Pro gives users a chance to drench themselves into their visual content. This 80% screen to body proportion gives the user a near-life experience. For movie enthusiasts, this sort of screen makes you feel as though you are experiencing the act like the movie is live since the border isn’t a distraction. What makes this considerably additionally fascinating that this experience is boosted through the 2K IPS screen which is about 1.7 times better than full HD. This can’t beat that. With the 180 degrees’ convertibility, you can likewise use your laptop at any angle.

What’s the best leap forward for a classic 12.5” laptop? A dazzling touchscreen! XIDU Tour Pro drives you to touch the magic world with an amazing IPS touchscreen. 2K resolution display intelligently advances optimizes color reproduction to the most astounding impact, more bright and magnificent.

Powerful Performance

The XIDU Tour Pro accompanies the eighth Generation Intel Celeron chip. Up until now, this is Intel’s most advanced 14nm processor. It guarantees that users computing experience is characterized by visually dazzling website pages, fast browsing and can even stream 2K Ultra HD recordings. This new laptop is likewise outfitted with an 8GB RAM, 128 GB ROM and up to 520GB external expansion. What amount of fun can this ever get? This implies users can install several programs without affecting its performance. Without a doubt, this is way better than any average laptop. This laptop is likewise equipped with cooling fans which maximize performance. With this, your laptop does not overheat and can work for longer without compromising on speed.

The Tour Pro brings the LPDDR4 standard that has multiple times bigger bandwidth than the previous generations. The greater 8GB RAM implies faster system boot-up and more multitasking capability. It feels simple and easy to play several office softwares and overwhelming games. Anybody who is seeking to purchase a classic laptop, the XIDU Tour Pro seems like the perfect one.

Sale promotion

We are offering a first publish discount for this product. In this sale promotion, the top 10 customers can exploit discount coupon of $30 OFF. Besides this, every one of the people who buy this laptop from the official shop can get a laptop bag and a mouse for free.

It is an incredible chance to get your hands on the high performance and magnificent configurations of XIDU, above all, at a shockingly low cost.

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