Use the FitBit to Track Biking and Cycling

Use the FitBit to Track Biking and Cycling

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We’re huge fans of the FitBit One, but it’s really only meant to track walking and running.  So is it useless for tracking other activities?  Not necessarily.

I’ve found that by simply clipping to the FitBit to the hip area of my shorts while riding bike, it still records a good amount of steps and counts most of the time as “active”.  However, FitBit’s calorie burn estimation is significantly less than if I tracked the activity with a GPS-enabled app like RunKeeper.

On the other hand, for prolonged cycling events where you’re phone’s battery will likely die before your activity is fully recorded, the FitBit works well enough to get a general estimation of your activity level.

Remember, you also have the option of going to the FitBit website or the FitBit mobile app and using the “Log Activity” section to manually record the ride.


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