Tronfy T3 KeepSport Bluetooth Earbud Review

Bluetooth earbuds are a convenient way to work out without getting tangled up in a cord. Tronfy’s T3 KeepSport Bluetooth Earbuds do not disappoint.


  • Sound quality: This is one of the most important aspects of earbuds, and these do not disappoint. The sound is clear and there is definitely some bass to the sound when it is “sealed” to your ear canal.
  • Comfort: These earbuds are comfortable to wear. The included stabilizers are big yet soft and “hook” into the fold of my ear very well. These stayed in place even as I shook my head, so these will be fine for working out.
  • Voice prompts: The clear English voice prompts make these earbuds easy to operate, like “power on” and “pairing”.
  • Battery status indicator: I really like that the charge level of these earbuds show on my iPhone’s status bar. This allows me to quickly check the unit the evening before and charge them before my morning run.
  • Instructions: The included instructions are very detailed, illustrated, and written in easy-to-understand English.
  • Charging: The earbuds include a standard Micro USB cable to charge. You can use your phone’s charger or basically any USB port to charge the earbuds. There is no special charger to keep track of.
  • Synchronized volume: I like that when you change the volume level using the earbud’s remote, it also changes the volume slider on my iPhone. So there is only one volume setting involved when using these earbuds.


  • No Siri: Although the instructions state you can tap both volume buttons to activate voice dialing, I could not get this to work on my iPhone 5S.

I really like the sound quality and look of these earbuds. They are also very comfortable in my ear and the remote control makes them easy to operate.

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