Tronfy Multimedia Mini LED Projector Review

If the hint of warmer weather this spring has you dreaming of watching movies outdoors this summer, Tronfy’s mini LED projector will work well for a small gathering.


  • Multiple Inputs: With this projector, you can play video files on a USB drive or an SD card. You can also plug in an HDMI cable, VGA cable, or AV cables (the yellow, white, and red plugs).
  • Very good picture quality: If the room is dark enough and you don’t sit the projector too far away from the wall (within 11 feet), the picture quality is very good and is fine for watching movies.
  • Loud speaker: The built-in speaker gets loud, but can become distorted at high volumes. It would be fine for watching a movie with a small group of friends or family. There is also a standard headphone jack on the unit that you could use to plug in an external speaker if needed.
  • 2 power options: You can use the included AC adapter as well as an external battery pack (not included) that outputs at least 2 amps. The projector has a Micro USB input you can use to connect the external battery.
  • Keystone correction: If the picture is not perfectly square when projected on the wall, you can use the black wheel control on the back of the unit to correct the distortion.


  • For small groups only: This isn’t a large unit so it wouldn’t be appropriate for PowerPoint presentations in front of an entire department at work. But it works well for small gatherings to watch a movie at home. It would also be good for the kids room during a sleepover.

Overall, this is a compact projector with very good picture quality and a loud built-in speaker. I really like the option of playing video files directly from a USB flash drive on this unit. I hope that my unbiased testing and review of this sample unit I received assists you in making an informed purchasing decision. If there is anything that I can do to improve this review, please let me know by leaving a note in the comments so I may respond. Thank you!

Trophy Multimedia Mini LED Projector


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