The Shine Fitness Tracker Arriving at Apple Stores Soon

The sharp-looking Shine fitness tracker is set to hit Apple Stores soon.  But what is this curious little device?

Shine clipped to jeans
The Misfit Shine is a crowd-funded (via Indiegogo) fitness tracker with a very sleek design.  With functionality similar to the FitBit, the Shine tracks your daily activities and helps gauge your fitness throughout the day by measuring your steps and syncing with your iPhone.  Unlike the FitBit, the Shine can also track cycling and swimming activities, as the Shine is waterproof (ok, the FitBit can kind-of track cycling).

While the FitBit can display stats to you, such as your total number of steps and calories burned, the Shine uses a set of LEDs to display your progress.  There are also a number of accessories available for the Shine that allow you to wear the device on your wrist or as a necklace.

The Shine will retail for $99 making it comparable to the FitBit One.  Look for it in Apple Stores soon.

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