The New FXX Network Leaves Many Paying Cable Customers Angry

Viewers hoping to tune into the new season of their favorite shows It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The League were extremely disappointed to find that the new FXX network wasn’t available on their existing (and probably already expensive) cable subscription.

The Fox Entertainment Group launched the FXX network on September 2 and moved many of its highly rated FX network shows to the new FXX network.  With It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The League’s new seasons premiering just a couple days after the switch, many paying cable subscribers who were expecting to automatically receive the new station found out that was not the case.

Many Verizon FIOS subscribers found that they must subscribe to one of the top-tier packages in order to receive the FXX station.  Comcast, Charter, and many other cable companies around the country also required higher prices in order to watch the network, as evident from the many angry tweets from last night.  Here is a small sampling:

  • @MattwRoyer: @FXXNetwork @VerizonFiOS  thanks for nothing #Fios channels can’t watch #SunnyFXX with prime package. #greed #moneygrab
  • @holagrave: @CharterCom Thanks for putting @FXXNetwork on a sports tier that we have to pay $10/month extra to get in SD!! This company is a joke!!
  • @RodeoKnits: Still peeved at @Suddenlink for putting @FXXNetwork in the sports package that I refuse to pay for even if svc rep says network’s choice.
  • @becka31523: @FXXNetwork It’d be nice if @VerizonFiOS would carry you in Prime HD package Used to be a soccer channel & they won’t change the pkg it’s in
  • @brelynkirk: really p***ed that I don’t get @FXXNetwork and had to miss @theleaguefxx. Thanks @VerizonFiOS
  • @bmentlik: @FXXNetwork @VerizonFiOS #fail Thanks for pointlessly making FXX a premium channel…just lost a loyal @alwayssunny and @theleaguefxx viewer
  • @narfle: @FXXNetwork I’d rather just quit watching @alwayssunny and @theleaguefxx than pay an extra $10 a month for your useless network, FXX.

What options do you have?  You can cut cable, of course.  Sadly, It’s Always Sunny isn’t available for streaming on Hulu any more, but you can purchase the season pass on Amazon Instant Video and get each episode at a small discount ($1.89/episode), which may be cheaper than subscribing to a higher-tier service.  Until cable companies give consumers what they really want (a la carte pricing), we can bet that cable customers will continue to be disappointed by their providers.


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