TaoTronics SoundLiberty 92 Truly Wireless Headphones Review


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TaoTronics SoundLiberty 92 Truly Wireless Headphones Review
TaoTronics SoundLiberty 92 Truly Wireless Headphones Review
$29.51 $39.99
Great sound
Open design allows you to hear outside sounds
5-hour battery life
IPX8 water resistance

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My favorite design feature of the SoundLiberty 92 is the fact that it does not “seal” to your ear canal, similar to the original Apple AirPods. This allows you to hear what is going on around you, making them ideal for running near traffic or even at the office when you need to know when a co-worker is trying to get your attention.

The TaoTronics SoundLiberty 92 earbuds share a similar design to the AirPods, although the “stems” on the SoundLiberty 92 are noticeably thicker. However, it does not seem to add to the weight of the SoundLiberty 92 earbuds as they are very lightweight and you’ll likely forget you’re even wearing them. I’ve found the SoundLiberty 92 earbuds to be very comfortable to wear for extended periods.


While the sound quality isn’t quite as good as the Apple AirPods, at a fraction of the price, I wouldn’t say the difference in sound quality justifies the price gap. Most people should be satisfied with the SoundLiberty 92 earbuds (and the extra cash in their pockets).

Typically with these “open-air” earbuds, you miss out on a strong bass response that comes with the earbuds that “seal” into your ear canal. However, with the SoundLiberty 92 earphones, you still get a decent bass response, just not quite as strong as the AirPods. Yet, it still a lot better than I’ve heard on some other earbuds that try to mimic the AirPods’ design.

Phone calls are not bad with these earbuds, but they will pick up external sounds as there are no noise-canceling microphones on the outside of the earbud (as is the case with the AirPods). So while phone calls are fine in a quiet environment, these earbuds would not be ideal for a noisy area.

Apple AirPods (Gen 1) and TaoTronics SoundLiberty 92


  • Single Earbud Use: Like the AirPods, you can use both or just one SoundLiberty 92 earbud. You can use either the left earbud or the right earbuds by simply placing the unused earbud back in the charging case and closing the lid.
  • Touch controls: You can tap on the earbuds to control the volume, answer calls, and skip tracks. I found that there is a bit of a delay between my tap and the unit responding, so I ended up tapping more times than I intended.
  • Water-resistant: The IPX8 rating on the earbuds means that they can be submerged in water temporarily, so they would be fine for sweaty runs and gym workouts. It’s important to note that the charging case is not water-resistant.

Battery Life

The earbuds themselves can last up to 5 hours. The charging case can provide 5 additional charges, providing a total up to 30 hours of playback before you need to find a wall outlet to recharge the case.

The charging case can be recharged with USB-C, but does not feature wireless Qi charging.

9.2 Total Score

The TaoTronics Sound Liberty headphones are a great alternative to the Apple AirPods. The open design allows you to hear what is going on around you and you can use one earbud at a time if you want. Sound quality is great and the earbuds feature IPX8 water resistance.

Design and Fit
Sound Quality
Bluetooth Performance
Battery Life
  • Great sound
  • Open design allows you to hear outside sounds
  • 5-hour battery life
  • IPX8 water resistance
  • Case has no wireless Qi charging
  • Touch controls sometimes slow to respond
  • No noise-canceling mics
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