Take Calls On Your Wrist With The GearBest GV18 Aplus Smart Watch

The GearBest GV18 Smart Watch accepts SIM cards directly, so you don’t even need to pair it with a phone to make phone and receive phone calls.

GV18 Aplus Smart WatchAlthough this smartwatch is not compatible with iPhone, the GV18 packs the following features on your wrist:

  • SIM card support, and Bluetooth phone support as well: Pop a SIM card in this phone to make and receive calls with just the watch… no phone required.  Or, if you prefer to keep your SIM card in your Android phone, you can simply pair it via Bluetooth and make and receive calls on the smartwatch with your phone nearby.
  • Messaging: Receive SMS messages when using a SIM card.
  • Phonebook sync: Sync your contact list easily from a supported phone.
  • NFC connection: Streamline the pairing process thanks to the built-in NFC support.
  • Music playing: Stream music easily from your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection.
  • 0.3M pix camera: A small camera is included in the smart watch whenever you need to snap a quick photo.  It may not compare in quality with your smartphone’s camera, but it can come in handy in a pinch.
  • Sleep monitoring app: See how often you toss and turn at night by starting the built-in sleep monitoring app before you fall asleep.
  • Pedometer: Keep track of your steps each day with the smartwatch’s built-in Pedometer app.  Aim for 10,000 steps a day!
  • Sedentary reminder: Get a reminder whenever the watch detects that you’ve been sitting too long.
  • Anti-lost: Never forget your Android phone again! This watch will alert you when your phone is outside of Bluetooth range.

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