SoundPEATS Opera 05 Review

SoundPEATS Opera 05 Review
SoundPEATS Opera 05 Review
Hi-Res LDAC audio support
Long battery life
Effective Active Noise Cancellation

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The SoundPEATS Opera 05 earbuds are aimed towards those that like to get the best possible sound from their earbuds.


The earbuds are lightweight at just 7.3 grams per earbud and feature a black exterior with gold accents, giving the look a big of bling. The earbuds sit conveniently in the compact charging case when not in use, which easily fits in your pocket.

SoundPEATS Opera 05


The Opera 05 earbuds feature Hi-Res audio with LDAC support if your phone supports it, which is limited to just Android phones at this time. If you have an iPhone, don’t worry as the Opera 05 will still work, just not quite as high as sound quality as the LDAC protocol can provide.

Even if your phone doesn’t support LDAC, the sound quality on the Opera 05 is great. The bass is strong and mids and highs come through crystal clear. As with most earbuds of this type, you’ll want to make sure you find the right ear tips to “seal” the earbuds to your ear canal to get the best sound and bass response.

SoundPEATS Opera 05 vs Air3 Deluxe HS

If you want the best sound quality and you have a compatible Android phone, the Air3 Deluxe HS and the Opera 05 both give you LDAC support. The biggest difference is that the Deluxe HS earbuds are open like the original AirPods, so there is no Active Noise Cancellation. So if you want LDAC and Active Noise Cancellation, then the Opera 05 are for you. If you need to be able to hear what is going around you when working or working out, then you’ll probably want the Deluxe HS.

SoundPEATS Air3 Deluxe HS and  Opera 05
SoundPEATS Opera 05 comparison chart

SoundPEATS Opera 05 vs Air3 Pro

The Air3 Pro also have Active Noise Cancellation, but they lack LDAC support. However, the Opera 05 do not have Game Mode support, which reduces the latency, so if you need Game Mode and Active Noise Cancellation, then you’ll probably want to go with the Air3 Pro.

SoundPEATS Opera 05 and Air3 Pro


They also feature Active Noise Cancellation effective up to 30 decibels. The microphones help eliminate sounds around you for phone calls with dual electronic noise cancellation and a design to help block wind noise. You can hear a sample of the microphone quality in the video review.

The earbuds are splash proof with an IPX4 rating, but please note that the charging case is not water resistant.

Battery Life

The earbuds can last up about 7 or 8 hours on a single charge, with the charging case providing up to 2.7 additional charges. The charging case can be recharged with a USB-C cable. The earbuds take about 1.5 hours to recharge in the case.

Video Review

9.2Expert Score

With LDAC support, effective Active Noise Cancellation and long battery life the SoundPeats Opera 05 earbuds are a great choice for those that want Hi-Res Audio with their Android phone. They also work fine with iPhones and still sound great even without using the LDAC feature.

  • Hi-Res LDAC audio support
  • Long battery life
  • Effective Active Noise Cancellation
  • LDAC support is limited to Android phones at this time (but these will still work with iPhones)
  • Slightly bulkier than the Air3s

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