Soundcore Motion 300 Review

Soundcore Motion 300 Wireless Hi-Res Portable Speaker with BassUp, Bluetooth Speaker with SmartTune Technology, 30W Stereo Sound, 13H Playback, and IPX7 Waterproof, for Backyard, Camping, and Hiking


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Soundcore Motion 300 Review
Soundcore Motion 300 Review
Strong bass and great sound
Included carrying strap
IPX7 water resistance

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You can think of the Soundcore Motion X300 as the little brother of the Soundcore Motion X600 speaker. It still packs a powerful punch, but in a smaller form factor that makes it ideal for grabbing on the go. It even has a convenient carrying strap that allows you to tether it from your backpack or a tree branch.

Soundcore Motion 300 hanging by its strap

The Motion 300 weighs in a 1.75 pounds, so it does have some heft to it, which actually might make it too heavy for a small backpack or cross-body bag.


While not as loud as the much larger the Motion X600 (which can output up to 50 watts), the Motion 300 holds its own at 30 watts of power. The speaker sounds great with strong bass and does not sound “tinny” at all. It can get loud enough to entertain a small gathering in the back yard and if you find the bass to be too much, you can turn off the “Bass Up” feature by tapping the dedicated “Bass” button on the speaker.

Soundcore Motion 300 with the Motion X600

One notable feature is the “SmartTune Technology” that automatically tweaks the sound output based on how the speaker is positioned.

  • If it’s sitting upright, it will be in “immersive mode” which optimizes the sound for the people in front of the speaker.
  • If the speaker is laying down flat, it will go into “360 mode” which helps spread the sound to those around you, kind of like “spatial audio” mode on the X600.
  • If the speaker is hanging from its strap, it will go into “dynamic mode” which boosts the volume a bit so you can hear it if it’s behind you, hanging from your backpack, for example.
Soundcore Motion 300 laying on the ground in some leaves

The Motion 300 supports the Soundcore app, allowing you to create custom equalizer settings if you want to tweak the sound even further.


  • Hi-Res Audio support: If your phone supports LDAC (sorry iPhone users, but only Android phones has this at this time), you can enjoy higher quality sound when compared to regular Bluetooth audio.
  • SmartTune technology: As mentioned earlier, this speaker automatically adjusts the sound output based on the position of the speaker.
  • Water-resistance: The Motion 300 has an IPX7 rating, meaning it can be briefly submerged in water (just make you keep the rubber gasket on the charging port covered).
  • Carrying strap: The included strap is removable, making it convenient to carry or tether the speaker while on the go.

Soundcore Motion 300 vs Sony XE200

Soundcore Motion 300 and Sony XE200 speakers

The Motion X300 isn’t a bad alternative to the Sony XE200 speaker. While the Sony XE200 has stronger bass, it can sometimes sound almost muddy at times. The Motion X300 seems to have clearer mids and highs and enough bass to nicely balance out the sound. You can listen to the sound samples in my review video below.

Battery Life

Despite the smaller size, the Motion 300 can achieve up to 13 hours of battery life (this is actually 1 hour more than the larger Motion X600). The speaker can be recharged with a standard USB-C cable in about 4 hours (with a 5V 3A wall charger).

Soundcore Motion 300 with the Soundcore app on an iPhone

Video Review

9.3Expert Score

The Soundcore Motion X300 sounds great and adapts the sound based on its position. It’s water resistance and can support hi-res LDAC audio if your phone supports it. It also has long battery life, up to 13 hours.

  • Strong bass and great sound
  • Included carrying strap
  • IPX7 water resistance
  • A little too heavy for tethering to small bags
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